about me

I am an Applied Scientist at AWS AI Research & Education, working on improving the robustness of large-scale pretrained representations. I’m also chairing the BigScience Tokenization Working Group with Benoît Sagot from Inria.

Outside of work, I read widely (my brain loves it, my eyes hate it), especially in philosophy, psychology, and physics. I’ve also been practising Chinese martial arts for a while now and just started teaching myself the piano!


  • 7-Apr-2022 - Two BigScience papers I contributed to were accepted to Challenges & Perspectives in Creating Large Language Models @ ACL 2022 and FAccT 2022!
  • 4-Apr-2022 - Submitted my thesis and joined AWS AI Research & Education as an Applied Scientist!
  • 23-Feb-2022 - A paper on robustness I helped supervise was accepted to ACL Findings 2022!
  • 20-Dec-2021 - First work out of my working group at BigScience: A brief history of tokenization!
  • 6-Dec-2021 - New preprints on cross-modal transfer and language augmentation!
  • 29-Oct-2021 - I’ve been nominated and selected to participate in the Global Young Scientists Summit 2022!
  • 27-Aug-2021 - Featured in a news article by our School of Computing!
  • 10-Aug-2021 - Successfully defended my thesis proposal!
  • 3-Aug-2021 - Received the Dean’s Graduate Research Excellence Award from the School of Computing!
  • 20-May-2021 - Our work on reliability testing was mentioned in VentureBeat!
  • 5-May-2021 - Our theme paper on reliability testing for NLP has been accepted to ACL-IJCNLP 2021 (main conference) with a nomination for the best paper award!
  • 24-Apr-2021 - I will be co-chairing the Tokenization Working Group in the BigScience project with Benoît Sagot!
  • 10-Mar-2021 - Our long paper on adversarial code-mixing has been accepted to NAACL-HLT 2021 and the Rising Stars Track of CALCS 2021!
  • 3-Feb-2021 - I will be part of the ACL 2021 Ethics Review Committee and Program Committee (Ethics in NLP)!
  • 5-Jan-2021 - My research was featured in the National Research Foundation’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2025 handbook!