about me

I am a first year computer science PhD student at the National University of Singapore under the Salesforce-EDB Industrial Postgraduate Programme, supervised by Assoc Prof Kan Min-Yen and A/P Shafiq Joty. My research interests include machine comprehension, dialogue systems, and ethical NLP; but I’ve also been fascinated by the puzzle of cognition for the longest time. Before embarking on my PhD journey, I graduated from the Computer Science and University Scholars Programme at NUS and also interned for half a year as a product manager for a conversational AI platform in the SF Bay Area.

Outside of work, I read widely (my brain loves it, my eyes hate it), especially in philosophy, psychology, and physics. I’ve also been practising Chinese martial arts for a while now and just started learning to play the bamboo flute!


  • 05-Aug-2019 - First day in the life of a CS PhD student!