about me

I am a final year CS PhD candidate at the National University of Singapore and Salesforce Research, supervised by Assoc Prof Kan Min-Yen and Asst Prof Shafiq Joty. I’m extremely fortunate to be supported by Singapore’s Economic Development Board and Salesforce under the Industrial Postgraduate Programme, and split my time between the Web IR / NLP Group at NUS and Salesforce Research.

My current research direction centers on ensuring NLP/AI systems are unbiased and reliable under real-world conditions using both technical methods and policy processes. I’m also chairing the BigScience Tokenization Working Group with Benoît Sagot from Inria.

Before embarking on my PhD journey, I graduated from the Computer Science + University Scholars Programme at NUS, where I acquired my love of interdiscplinary work.

Outside of work, I read widely (my brain loves it, my eyes hate it), especially in philosophy, psychology, and physics. I’ve also been practising Chinese martial arts for a while now and just started teaching myself the piano!

Dissertation Committee:

I am on the lookout for full-time industry research positions for 2022! My CV is available here. Recommendations from people I have worked with are publicly available on my LinkedIn page.